Patty Alessi  
Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator 
East Moriches Long Island New York

Dr.Judith Kravitz Founder of Transformational Breath® Foundation
"Patti is an excellent
 Transformational Breath® Facilitator.
 I have worked with her for many years
 and she brings the Gift of Sensitivity, 
Intuition,and Experience to all her work. 
 I strongly recommend attending her workshops or
 doing an individual session with her. " 

Dr. Judith Kravitz

Group Sessions

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Transformational Breath® 
Please note our new location & time change! 

Transformational Breath® 
 Friday Eve
"​Just Breathe!"
November Group Breath Series
​$30per session

*Please Note Our New Time 

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East Moriches Home Studio
Transformational Breath®
Patty Alessi CTBF
East Moriches ​Home Studio
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Patty Alessi CTBF
​Transformational Breath®
We are Co- Creating Miracles!

Dress in comfy layers-bring mat 3 pillows & water bottle
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 ​Patty Alessi CTBF 
News 12 Long Island Naturally Reporter Mary Mucci -March 2016
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Patty Alessi CTBF
​Transformational Breath®
We are Co- Creating Miracles!

Dress in comfy layers-
​bring mat 3 
pillows & water bottle


email:  PatriciaAlessi@aol.com        PattyAlessi.Net
Transformational Breath® is the Cutting Edge of Breathwork​ around the globe.
This is unique therapeutic modality self-healing system using conscious
 breathwork to facilitate improved well being, inner peace, and greater joy in life. 
Transformational Breath® increases oxygenation throughout the body, 
Improves energy levels, stimulates circulation, and balances the flow
 of energy through the body.
 Integrating emotions, reduces stress, expanding respiratory function. 
This breath technique is very powerful! 

Patty Alessi
is a Certified Transformational Breath®Facilitator
If you would like to know more...
Look into the breath miracles with TBF Founder Dr. Judith Kravitz
Please visit the Official TBF Website:

631-834-7066   email:  PatriciaAlessi@aol.com        PattyAlessi.Net

Patty Alessi CTBF
Transformational Breath® 
"Both as client and facilitator Transformational Breath® is nothing short of Healing Grace !
I have experienced tTransformational Breath® to be
Apex among all healing modalities
 Pinnacle of all Breath-Work!"
Each facilitated session produces miracles!  
Transformational Breath®  works quickly and efficiently to deliver 02 straight to cells.
The fine tuned tools of this work assists clients to integrate,body-mind-spirit. 
Increased lung capacity results in oxygen flow needed on cellular levels.
Allowing your own lungs to exercise!
Transformational Breath®  assists clients to intergrate &
heal  cellular memories  resolving on many levels to regain
 Joyful living
Self empowerment
Healthier 02 Levels
Richer oxygen levels accomplished each session!
Facilitated Transformational Breath® Sessions
Address successfully many issues including
                *Respiratory Ailments [COPD]
                                                *Anxiety Disorders                                                   
                  *Patterns of Shallow Breathing
*Emotional Clearing
               *Inner Clarity & Connection
Let Us Enjoy Each Breath! 
For Workshops with Patty Alessi CTBF 631.834.7066
See "Calendar" page of this site: www.pattyalessi.net
Patty Alessi CTBF Offers:
Group Sessions 
All Ages!
We are never too Young or Old to Learn to Breathe!
Patty Alessi 
Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator

East Moriches Long Island,New York
631-834-7066   email:  PatriciaAlessi@aol.com        PattyAlessi.Net    
Special Fun!!! 
Children's Breath Sessions & Workshops 
Inquire about "Jelly Belly Joy Breath" for Kids!!
Transformational Breath® 
It is recommended to allow yourself at least 3-5 private sessions before you can do a self session on your own-
For your guidance Dr. Judith Kravitz'  has her
Transformational Breath® Guided CD
To purchase check the store on the official
Transformational Breath® website www.breathe2000.com

Private Sessions with Patty Alessi CTBF
Private Sessions are in-depth personal and very productive.
*Initial Session intake
*Please Leave Additional Time Initial Private Session:
2 hour *$200. Includes Clinical Breath History
Individual Breathing Analyses 
Individual Sessions after intake:
$150 90 mins
$100 60 mins

Special Incentive!
*Initial Intake Fee is waived when signing up for 3 or more as pre-paid series.
*Discounts for pre-paid series 10% off when booking 10 or more sessions.
[additional time/travel fee may apply to sessions]

Organize Your Own Group  Session with Patty Alessi CTBF
Self Organized Group Series of 3 0r more Sessions
$75. per person 2-3 people]  90 mins
$50.per person [4-6 people] 
$35. per person [6 or more ]
*additional time price if applicable
Lectures for Hospitals - Schools - Libraries-
Corporate Wellness Programs

Contact Patty Alessi CTBF


631-834-7066   email:  PatriciaAlessi@aol.com        PattyAlessi.Net

The body needs between 1 cup to 2 gallons of oxygen per minute depending on whether
engaged in a restful state or strenuous exercise. The brain needs 20% of the total
amount of oxygen needed by the body.
Lack of Oxygen is a major factor in the development of cancer and with optimal breathing, we could accomplish perhaps 70% of our body's detoxification. Come allow us to help each other experience this blissful nature.