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Let'sMeetup&DoTheWork®for a NightCap!
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Let's DoTheWork®
with Patty Alessi
We use TheWork ® of Byron Katie in short one-liner format
To answer"the four questions and turnarounds." 
Collectiviely questioning our common stressful thoughts together!.
We listen to a short reading from one of Byron Katie's Books
and then we question a stressful thought that is common to us all in a pop-corn style of answering.
To Familiarize Yourself with TheWork®
Visit Byron Katie's official website:TheWork.com
Please let me know if you want to have access to the conference call by
Email to  patriciaalessi@aol.com  
Add  "THEWORKAT9PM/EST " in subject line of your email 
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our hour long call is free-
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Newcomers and returnees welcomed!

Thank you, Patti!
The Work of Byron Katie® cuts through the layers of misdirected thought like a laser, but without a guide,
 I could still get lost in my thinking, justifying and defending.
Patti gently and creatively shines the light of all the tools of The Work of Byron Katie ® on deep knots of suffering in my thinking. 
She made it possible for me to safely face what I would avoid on my own. 
Thank you, Patti!
There are definitely some memorable sessions of The Work with you! 
It was such a different experience to do the work with you compared to what we did at the breathwork retreats.
I hated it at first because it seemed so shaming. 
I didn't know that it was about the freedom, and not about shame,until I explored it with you.
Love, Susan  Center Moriches,N.Y.
​One day I sat with Patty in Washington Square Park,
where she held the space for me as I worked with thoughts that were making me sad.
I remember looking into her beautiful blue eyes as she asked me,
"Is it true?"and in that instant, the whole world as I knew it fell away.
If you want to know your own truth, spend some time with the love incarnate that is Patty Alessi.
Carol L. Skolnick, Clear Life Solutions
Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie

Thank you for sharing your love, kindness, spirituality, humor, guidance and beauty with me at the School for the work, your lovely workshops, in private 
sessions, and just being available in every way.  I would trust you with my deepest secrets.  Since the first day I met you to now you have been a genuine teacher, and friend.
With true appreciation and love
Dave Leader   


"The Work"® 
As Facilitated by,
Patty Alessi 
Long Island, New York

Twice Graduate

 School for the Work®
Fallbrook California
ITW Candidate
Served as School Staff Member 4x
California LA. 2x
Attended Certification School For The Work
The Work®HelpLine Volunteer 

The Work® of Byron Katie is a way of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause
 all the anger, fear, depression, addiction,
and violence in the world.
 Experience the happiness of "Undoing" 
Your stressful thoughts through
 The Work®.
Return to truth, awakened.
                                                     Are you ready?

Generously to All Interested: 
Byron Katie
 has provided everything needed
 in order to do The Work® 
Available for Free 
 Byron Katie's Official Website Link: http://www.thework.com

 Free Helpline Facilitation
 & List of Certified Facilitators too!
TheWork® as Facilitated by Patty Alessi
Long Island, New York
By Appointment 
Email patriciaalessi@aol.com
Sessions via Phone - Skype
90 Minutes $125.
60 Minutes $100.
30 Minutes $75.